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Use the most powerful tracking features: geofencing, alerts,Status,Push Notifications, driving behaviour, fuel monitoring and much more.


Our Servers

Software is easy to install and run on the server. Host on our powerful server.


Professional Setup

Our developer will set up and run  GPS tracking software for you.


Track Anything

Easily track your car, bike, kids, husband, wife, pet etc.



iHawk™ had solution’s for Global industry of Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management. iHawk™ vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location. iHawk™ modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. It also combines a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software (Self-Track). Our current vehicle tracking systems have their roots in the shipping industry. Corporations with large fleets of vehicles required some sort of system to determine where each vehicle was at any given time. iHawk™ can now also be found in consumers vehicles as a theft prevention and retrieval device. Police can follow the signal emitted by the tracking system to locate a stolen vehicle.



24 / 7 / 365 day’s call center

24 Hour’s call center helpline provides reliable information and support to all the customers who need assistance or any emergency support.

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SMS Forwarding

SMS forwarding service keeps you always up-to-date about your vehicles by sending SMS to your mobile with location and status information of your vehicles.

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supports languages

iHawk™ server works in all countries (supports 20+ languages)

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Start tracking

Vehicle, bike, boat, phone, person etc. in 3 min

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Compatible With All Branded GPS Trackers

We’re partnered with biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the World and currently support 170+ devices. If you can’t find yours, just let us know and we’ll add it for you.

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